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  • Harry twerkin styles

    mumbled "sorry"

    ok i am so sorry i updated this chapter from my ipod , and I did n ot realize that chapter 5 was not published so it is published so sorry. Also know that this story is wattpad. ILY

  • Harry twerkin styles

    mumbled "THANK YOU"


    thank you for being my first favorite. I really want to take you out for ice cream right know! LOL but is is cold as fuck. Maybe some hot chocolate
  • Harry twerkin styles

    mumbled "Chapter 3"

    ok sorry I did not post chapter 3. This is a very important chapter b/c its like getting your period lol. Its like the start of what is going to be going on the book. I also want this chapter 3 be really good so sorry but chapter 3 should be up sometime next week!

    Love you
  • Harry twerkin styles

    mumbled "Ok posted CHAPTER 2 WHOOP WHOOP."

    Ok so chapter 2 is up feels so great for some reason. Please read it and tell me what you think it! I am on break so I will probably update again this weekend.

    Luv u!
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