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Hello :)

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    mumbled "sorry again"

    soory but last thing, i cant figure out how to delete my account so for now im going to be posting my stories on wattpad. my name on wattapad is JesseandHazza (I used my friends account)
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    mumbled "Sorry"

    Hey guys, I hate to do this but, i am deleting my accout and making a new one. but dont worry because I will copy and save my stories and re post them. I will write down all of the authors and stories I have favorited and favortie them on my new account. The problem hasnt been worked out and since I still cant check my notifications i have 206! So I am sorry for the innconvienience and I will update all my stories.
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    mumbled "problem"

    hey guys im so sorry for not updating. for some reason I can only do mumbles. im trying to click on my 115 notifications but it wont let me! please dont be mad. Im trying to find out whats happening. ily ~Adri
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    plz update
    Bad Ass [ Louis Tomlinson]
    Bad Ass [ Louis...
    Louis was the cheerful , friendly and understanding councellor at the Jason Marie High School. Samantha was troubled, rule breaking chic at the school. What happens when her teacher put her into the counselling...
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    I want to be a character! my name is Adriana- i m turning 18 on February 1st- I want to be bf and gf with Harry (then marriage :3) plot: We meet at college. he was the badboy but fell for me. we become bffs them bf and gf then hubbie and wife. Type:can be a lil dirty XD suicidal love. and inspiring
    Midnight Memories ((imagine requests))
    Midnight Memories...
    If you want to be in a fan fiction please answer these questions. ~name: ~Age: ~boy you want: ~relationship with them: ~plot: ~Type: ||Dirty,sad, inspiring, etc.....|| Hope you enjoy!!!
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