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♡ Another Broken Soul seeking a great perhaps in world filled with this desire to obtain perfection ♡

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Bucket List
#1 Sky Dive
#2 Perform with Lana del Rey ♡
#3 Meet One Direction♡
#4 A kiss in the rain *-*
#5 Life time supply of Wifi and Food ♡!

  • BrokenMemories.
    Hi i liked the examples of covers you did and i wanted to know if you could make one for me?
    Title: Girl Like Me?
    Characters: Louis Tomlinson's and Lucy Hale or maybe Ashley Benson.
    Extra things: Make it a bit bright but not too bright.
    Can you write a little quote for me? I don't really know a quote i could make up so can you do one for me?
    Thanks a lot!
    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Hi! Im Jen Jenny for short. I was scrolling through Movellas when i saw a couple of Cover Stores. I thought to myself Woah dem covers though. I was mostly inspired by these few people: Corky Porky,...
  • BrokenMemories.
    I love the plot its so nice its really good so far! Love the work babe! Keep on
    Snapbacks and Supras
    Snapbacks and Supr...
    Sophie Smith a Nice innocent Daddy's little girl. The girls that never does anything wrong, Loyal, Intelligent, a sweet heart and everything you would want in a girl. She never goes out of her comfort...
  • BrokenMemories.
    its so good! i love it *-*
    The photographer..
    The photographer..
    Ella is a photographer and is best friends with 1D All the boys know she fancys Liam but poor puppy eyed Liam is Clueless! Will his Cluelessness ruin any chance he has? Or will he finally Take a hint...
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