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Hey guys! My name's Alison.
Kik: xalisxnx
If you want to see more of my face or my life follow me on twitter: @alisunnyd or on instagram: @alison_d99.
If you are a fellow tumblr user like me, just follow me on tumblr (scouting-for-girls.tumblr.com) and send me a message with my Movellas username and the title of your favourite story that I have written and I will follow you back!
I have absolutely no problem co-authoring with people, so if you have an idea bring it forth to me! If you want to give me criticism go ahead but please give it in an intelligent manner. I am writing on here to improve my writing skills so some of my older stuff is not as well written, I know. I'll try to respond to all questions and concerns posted on my comments section, but if you start a comments war you will be blocked, you have been warned.

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    Please read all the chapters before commenting!!! As stated numerous times, this movella has been discontinued, and any requests for dares will be ignored.
    All the major Harry Potter characters are locked in a basement for a truth or dare game....... YOU DECIDE WHO GETS DARES AND WHO GETS TRUTHS explanation inside!!!! Please keep rated Teen thanks :D *author...
    4 years ago
    not to be mean or anything but I don't really like it
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    Hey! So I see that your story is VERY VERY similar to mine. Like even in writing style. I know that I'm no longer updating my story, but if you could give me credit for formatting/style in your description for the story that would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
    Harry Potter truth or dare
    Harry Potter truth...
    Some crazy batgirl kidnaps t he harry potter characters Mao. Ones ( Harry Voldy etc) and asks people to comment dares for them to do. Do they escape and how embarrassed do they get. Also some of the writing...
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    mumbled "coauthor needed"

    hey so i dont know if you know this but i wrote a book called "harry potter truth or dare" a while back and i havent updated in a while. if anyone is interested in co-authoring this book who has read it and loves it please kik me @xalisxnx i have a couple questions for you. this offer is open until next week. i love you guys <3
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    apart from the fact that they claimed that they love each other much too quickly for it to be logical, this is a great story :) can't wait to read more
    Kik (Completed)
    Kik (Completed)
    paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat? Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved.This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed cover credit goes to -brokenrecord
    nataly :)
    6 years ago
    don't worry it'll make sense later on in the story cx
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    mumbled "Access Code"

    hi guys so im writing a new story for a competition, its called "I Think I Love You". I don't really know how these access codes work but if you do and you want to read the story and leave me feedback on my wall here is the code: ff096c59-c502-42cb-8ef4-62269d4214dc
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