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The definition of me is....

"I don't want to be cute with you"


Name: Kylie Kashmiro
Nationality: Spanish, American, British (long story)
Interest: boys
Sex: female
Color original hair: black
Hobbies: drawing
I'm good at: song writing or singing
Bf?: yes I'm taken

Random stuff
I love hanging with my best friends! They support me and one of them is on this website her name is Lizzie.

Note to the people

Be yourself no matter the cost, it's always important to accept yourself before someone can accept you.
Never judge, because don't forget that your worth judging too. Never think that the world is against you, because a hand full of people isn't the world.
I love everyone even tho I probably won't see them or speak to them in my life I still love you because you were a beautiful thing that was put into this world for reason. :)

  • Kylie_Kash
    3 years agoReply
    Buen libro lizz, ahora sé lo que has estado haciendo. Lo siento mucho por stephanie, ella solía ser su mejor amigo!
    My life as Lizzie
    My life as Lizzie
    This story is just about my life and what goes on in it.
    3 years ago
    yo se, verdad. Sólo desearía que esto nunca hubiera sucedido porque lowkey la extraño.
    3 years ago
    Sé lo que quieres decir, lo siento lizz
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