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<-- Heheheh its Oliver Sykes OuO

My full name is Ariadne Aguilar.
People call me Ari, Aria, Ariana, Ashly, Ashlyn, Ash, Blueberry (<<<The name is from a weird friend of mine because my hair is blue :P) or Peanut (<< Also from the same weird friend XD)

My Birthday is September the 17th, and I`m 13. I`m the oldest in my family (and the Smartest and most mature of my siblings) I`m Hispanic (and yes, I do speak Spanish.Lo hablo con fluidez y lo entiendo.) I also speak french (<<<Not fluently tho, I only know a few words, Juste un peu, pas beaucoup) and as you can see English. I play some instruments! I play piano, keyboard, Violin, Guitar (acoustic and electric) and Bass (the guitar not the one in orchestra, and its electric.)!! I`m in a band with my friends (not official YET) I am the bassist! CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO WARPED THIS YEAR!!! SO EXCITED!! \(^o^)/ Can't wait to get my piercings when I`m 15!!! WOOHOO!! I am single like them pringles! ^-^ <3

I love:
One Direction
Ed Sheeran
Olly Murs
Demi Lovato
5S.O.S (<<<Five Seconds of Summer, for those who didn`t know)
Cher Lloyd
Pierce The Veil
BVB (Black Veil Brides, for those who didn`t know also)
Sleeping with Sirens
All Time Low
Green Day
Paramore (Hayley's hair tho...I want it!)
My Chemical Romance
Blink 182
Motionless in white
Bullet for my valentine
Asking Alexandria
Attack Attack!
Panic! at the disco
Falling in reverse
Bring Me The Horizon
Of Mice and Men (<The band! not the book)
Suicide Silence
Miss May I
(Sorry for all the rock/metal bands! *cough* not sorry *cough*)
Memphis May Fire
Mayday Parade
A day to remember
You me at six
30 seconds to mars
Three days grace
Imagine Dragons

Niall`s girl, been one since 2011 and always will be...And I still can`t believe the fact that he`s 20...They grow up so fast...*Tears streaming down* now excuse me...I have to go cry at corner *walks away to a corner crying*

Well that`s all I have to say so,
Stay Strong, Forever Young to Infinity and Beyond!

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    ok sooo today is Niall's birthdayyy.... AND HE IS NOW 21!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!?!! 21!! I REMEMBER WHEN HE WAS 17!! DONT YOU??!!! THE YEARS GO BY SO FAST!! NIALL IS NOW 21!! 21!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING 17??!?!! THEY GROW UP SO FAST!!! TT^TT
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    mumbled "Updated!"

    So I updated "Teenage Dirtbag" now! Yes i know, it took me a long time to update, yes I know I am a big huge butt for taking so long >.> but be happy I updated! and I also have a message for those!! ESPECIALLY MY SISTER KEYLA!! x3 anywayyss, go read it now please! ^-^
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    mumbled "New Fanfic!"

    YAYY! It's Finally out! I published the first chapter of the new 5SOS Fanfic I promised that I was going to do! Hope you guys enjoy! sorry if it sucks! >.<
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    mumbled "Back, again and a new fan fic!"

    Well it's been so long since I've been on now...And updated 'Promises' but now I'm back, again and now I've decided to write a 5Sos fanfic, but I'm not saying which band member it is, you'll just have to read to find out (why? because I'm that evil) c; I'll publish it maybe idk around the first week of April I'm guessing? anyway it's great to back! now goodbye, I have some typing to do X3
  • Hey_Its_Ashly
    Such a great fan fic! I love it so much! can`t wait `till the next update, so excited! :D
    Adopted (1D FanFic)
    Adopted (1D FanFic...
    Alexa (Lex/Lexi) has been in the orphange for round about 5 years now. She's 14. When she finds out she's getting adopted, she's happy, nervous, scared, but what happens when it turns out it's One Direction...
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