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*I'm that girl who once read a fanfiction about Luke Hemmings, without even knowing that it's a fanfiction*

Hi, Bhaijaan. Kaise hai aap? Inn angreezon ke beech me pata nahi kyu agayi hu mai.
HEY! HOW ARE YOU? My name is not really Jem, but who cares about that, right?
I'm a hopeless romantic who criticizes and hates on people who call me a hopeless romantic.
~ A HUGE Marvel fan, and an even bigger Sebastian Stan fangirl. BUCKY IS INNOCENT.
~ I suck at tenses and I make up new words for things/people I hate. (Ik everybody does that, shut up)
~ I looove to comment about the movellas I like/love, it's a bad habit pls don't hate me for it. Just ignore my comment if it bothers you THAT MUCH. (YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL, YOU EGOISTIC HATER)
~And if you haven't figured it out already... I'm very well mannered, it's unreal.
'Perfection is boring and so is my bio.'
'Forever has already begun so I need to shop.'
Yeah I JUST made up those quotes. Kalaakar toh bachpan se hu mai. My hindi is killing you, isn't it?
~I don't really like fanfics but I end up ready them anyway.

\\Do like and comment if you like my work. I mean that's the least you could do right? Tapping on a small button is fairly easy right? RIGHT? Itna ego na dikhao, bhagwaan sab dekhta hai.

\\I'd love to have suggestions, comments, views from all of you, so please do drop some advise or anything if you feel something is wrong or amazing.

~~~I'm sorry if I end up responding late, it's just how badtameez I am. Kidddingggg. Not.
Anyway, I will be on on weekends most probably! *lies, I waste my time everyday*~~~

Note for Indians:
Haanji, maine apne actual views ke liye apni maatr bhaasha ka sahara liya. And c'mon you can relate, shut up.

I'M SO SORRY, if any of my manner-less bs annoyed you but seriously tho, there can't be a better bio than this to describe me lol
I'm a very friendly introverted person, and very well mannered actually, you can check my mumbles. Or not. Your wish.
Byyyeee bootiful
Ps ~~~~~ I don't like chocolate. HAH, HATE ME. Jk
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