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    mumbled "Turning Time sequel"

    I completed The Untold Story of Sirius Black, some of which is a continuation of the letter universe from Turning Time. Please read, favorite, comment! It is a Sirius x Remus slash fic.
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    mumbled "New Movella: The Untold Story of Sirius Black"

    Starting tonight, I will post a new chapter of my new fic every Friday! It is from Sirius' perspective and explores the relationship between the Marauders, particularly RemusxSirius.
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    mumbled "The Untold Story of Sirius Black"

    I've finished the rough draft of my Sirius Black fanfic (50,000 words)!! Over spring break I will polish everything up, add scenes here and there. On Sunday, April 12th, I will post the first chapter, so mark your calendar!
    I made another cover, this time featuring solely Remus. It's strange picking a face to represent the characters since I see them abstractly as I write, but Jamie Campbell Bower is close to how I see young Remus.
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    mumbled "Marauders Fic Update"

    I've typed 34,000/50,000 words of my next fic, so I'm over 2/3 done! It's not as far of a deviation from Turning Time as I thought it'd be, but there's more nsfw stuff, and it's first person (Sirius') perspective. Follow me for updates! I included a cover I made this weekend for it...
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    6 years ago
    Ooo Jamie Campbell Bower.
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    mumbled "New Year Update"

    I'm halfway done with my Sirius Black/Marauders fic! Because I'm more of a Snape fan than a Marauders fan, it'll be a sort of unconventional take. Here is a work in progress cover (featuring the gorgeous actor Harry Treadaway)!
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