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Sup, I'm Harry or just call me what you want, I don't really care, I'm just a half normal kid from some sh*thole, I hate people who piss me off and that's about it really. p.s don't read the shizzle i have posted, yer eyes will bleed.

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    mumbled "Oranges. And guilt. Also i did a thing!"

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    I was peeling an orange the other day and then i realised. Why the fuck am i eating oranges? I hate oranges, detest them even. Then i realised after chucking it in the bin and looking at my sad little sisters face that i was peeling it for her.... I got her snother one though so its all good. Also i wrote a thingy. Its a movellas. Yeah. Thats it. Stop reading, please... WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING READING THIS?!?! AM I NOT ALLOWED PRIVACY?

    Fecking weirdo...
  • Hjhenley

    mumbled "Story"

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    So yeah, I'm writing a story... Read at your own risk!
    2 years ago
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