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Shoutout to my mom for giving birth to me in the same era as One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer
Well there's not much to say other than I'd rather glo up now rather than later ��

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    mumbled "OOOOMMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!!"

    OMGGGGG!!!!!!!! So I sign on for the first time in forever and I finally have 100 followers yasss thank you all
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    mumbled "I HATE PEOPLE......"


    When people say Pretty Little Liars is stupid and I'm like "Do you have a death wish??" No joke -_- Like how da fuck do you not like PLL
    Alexia Mia
    5 years ago
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    I just love how the picture says your emotions. Spencer is like 'ready to kill that bitch' and Emily and Hanna are just like 'lets do it' and Aria is saying 'be quite it will all be over soon. '
    But I know what you mean Pretty Little Liars is the best!
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    mumbled "4 awaaaaaayyy!!!!!"

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    4 Fans away from ��‼️‼️‼️ this is so great I �������� you all ���������������������������� lol now I'm hungry..... Cute as a button every single 96 of you
    Please go read my new movella "The Not So Perfect Fairytale" and let me know what you think! Thanks
    ������ Narry_Bitches ������������������
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    mumbled "Larry Or NAWWW!???!!"


    Well I'm a hardcore Narry Shipper I ship them harder than they fuck
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    22 fans away from 100 oh I love y'all so much!! I know it may not seem like a lot but to me it is :P I'm really happy hoping that I can at least get 22 more fans!! Oh Yasss I'm just flippin out this is amazayn!!!!!!! Cute as a button ever single 88 of you!!!
    Thanks :)
    Iris just Iris
    5 years ago