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Some people have told me that I'm great at writing, but I'll leave that up for you to decide. I do have school and work, so forgive me if I'm slow on updating. But yeah, make sure to tell me what you think of my stories (as I love feedback).

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    So I have a story I'm writing in my spare time on Wattpad about this guy, named Carter, who leaves three letters before taking his own life. These letters leave more questions than answers, as he leaves out major details of why he did what he did. Weeks later, even more overwhelming news arrives. Carter survived his attempt. Now his best friend has a second chance of learning what caused Carter's decision and making amends.

    I was thinking about uploading what I have so far on here, but only if you guys are interested in it. Let me know! :)
    9 months ago
    Go for it, man.
    9 months ago
    sounds cool. I'll definitely read it.
    Little Miss Author
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    Hey guys! I've just published the first chapter to a new story I'm writing. It's essentially like Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, but if Leah was the main character. (Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda still occurs in the story, so like, there will most likely be spoilers ahead, so make sure to read that first if you haven't already). I know the sequel, Leah On The Offbeat, exists, but this is my own little sequel to it, so please read it if you have the time.

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    @[josiah92806] What lmao
    11 months ago
    11 months ago
    Okay lol
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    I know I haven't really been on here much, but I just posted a new blog on here. Make sure to check it out if you want to survive a horror movie lol.
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    Happy Summer, everyone! My summer vacation doesn't actually come until June 13th, but Happy Summer for those that are experiencing summer right now.

    Song: The Middle ~ Zedd ft. Maren Morris and Grey
    Ray Lidstone
    1 years ago
    Haha my summer doesn’t come until June 29th and it snowed last week... yay
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