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And I Was In The Darkness, So Darkness I Became.

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    mumbled "Hello :3"

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    My name is Jen, but I prefer Brxken. I'm new to this site, although I used to be on Wattpad and I find this site quite easy to navigate! Sooo....yes :) Hello Movellas.
    5 years ago
    Hello Jen, my name is Caroline, but everyone calls me Caza. I have never used Wattpad but my friends have. I too find this site easy to navigate. Welcome to Movellas.
    5 years ago
    I just followed you, I'm your first follower! Yay. If you want you could follow me back? :-)
    5 years ago
    Hello :) Of course I'll give you a follow back @[Caza].

    Thank you! @[Calista Lynch]
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