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Stick to your beliefs don't give in to bullies!!I used to draw till I grew up.

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  • ~Mrs.Styles~(Dedicated)
    Hello Ladies and Gents. I have yet to update but I did edit it so it's not as childish. She still fails to use Harry's name. I extended Chapter 3. Grammar and Punctuation edits are done. Also, in the beginning Harry isn't shy. He's as cocky as he was in Chapter 3.
    Protection Plan (Opposites attract) Back In Action
    Protection Plan...
    Call me Kelly , I'm one direction worst nightmare. Secretive working undercover and she just might kill you or herself . If you know one direction I'm their opposite , but my saying is Opposites attract...
  • ~Mrs.Styles~(Dedicated)
    Yay I'm the first comment Haha! Well I really want to help strongly on this movella since you seem to be Just starting out. I also want to be apart of this movella as a tribute and if you would let me a game maker!
    My tribute form-Carter Reese (Girl)
    Looks- Light brown long hair with green eyes. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/image..
    Personality- Nice,but aggressive when need to be. Skilled thrower and love arrows since born. She's loves everything Vintage. She is amazing by the most stuff at the train and rooms. She doesn't need to wear too much while there on the stage and what not. Since she loves vintage she is also cliche' which means easily falls in love. Very rare for her to trust people . Also good tacticts in the arena.
    Weapons-Like said Throwing knives and Bow and arrow.
    Back story(Very long so read at risk)- When she was younger her mother and her father dispised her, She was a prankster but a lovely assistant. Her mother took most of her resemblance and craved that she turned out just as she wanted her to be. Carter never found intrest in staying home cooking watching her brother like her mom wanted her to. When carter was ten her mother told her to watch Jake her little brother.Carter dispized the idea so she took carter to the woods. No body liked the woods but she was different her and her brother ran around and played little did carter know the gaurds were in town. Jake kept complaining that he wanted to go home ,but carter knew being outside and getting caught would lead to trouble or worse death. Carter and Jake laid beside the gate un-noticed while they watched the horrible scene. There mother and father were crying and screaming wanting the peace keepers to let carter and jake go but little did they know the Peace Keepers didn't have Carter and Jake. Just to shut them up the peace keepers killed them leaving Carter scarred for life. To this day Jake thinks his parents died from The games. (That's the boring tale of the past)
    District- 1
    The Hunger Games: Virtual Version
    The Hunger Games:...
    Ever wanted to join The Hunger Games? Well now you can in this online version, as a tribute, stylist, mentor or gamemaker! More information in chapter 1.
  • ~Mrs.Styles~(Dedicated)
    Title: Forever, Ever, After
    Author: ~Mrs.Styles~(Dedicated)
    Blurb: A Teenage girl tries to fight her way to get a certain boy!
    Pictures: Just simple picture of a blonde haired boy and girl together!
    Quotes: 'My Mother always said to fight for what you want' 'He's just like me a closed book waiting to be read'
    Extra: Anything lovely and cute to the eye Make it as you would your own. Don't rush with it The movella wont be posted for a while.
    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Covers driving you crazy? Tearing your hair out? Well, then get a free cover from this store!
    That sounds amazing! Thank You!
  • ~Mrs.Styles~(Dedicated)
    If you have nobody then I would like to volunteer to be in this Movella !
    Name: Carter Reese(Girl)
    Appearance: Long brown hair green eyes. Wears dirty short sleeved shirts and perfect fitted pants, Dresses are exceptable. In district she wears long sleeved dark blue shirt and hair up in a pony tail also navy pants that fit.
    Personality: Reasonable, Stubborn, Shy and hates being told how or what to do. When rude she tends to push or break things.She is not known for hurting people. She loves to take a walk when mad.
    Back story: Her brother died at district when he was 17 and since then her mother has become distant. Her father is unfair and tends to make her do everything. She has grown to love her mother more than her father does. She is 19 and now her father has cancer but no body knows.
    Virtual Hunger Games
    Virtual Hunger Gam...
    This is MY first actual Movella, my sister wrote all the other ones, so we will see how this happened. She says she invented this, so she will help me. Not so sure I believe that she invented it though....
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