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Hello, im a big Gleek and I Love One Direction. If you want to be a co-author or have idea for me for the story just email at liampayne035@gmail.com but if you have a comment leave it in the comments. I also live in the united stated so if think if what im saying on is weird that's probably. Please Follow me on twitter I am @gleeklover253. I also love answering random questions so if you have a random question you can KIK me ill put my thing below. I also LOVE Austin Mahone and Karmin and Little Mix and Josh Kauffman if you dont know who he is he is the winner of The Voice and from my state Indianapolis in the USA. I am also a baseball fan and I love playing baseball as well
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    Feeling the pain of loving Payne
    Feeling the pain...
    Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If...
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    I like it so far I say keep going.
    Marine Life (Liam Payne fanfic)
    Marine Life (Liam...
    (Liam fan fiction) KC Owens is a 21 year old, USA Marine. KC has always had the dream of becoming a marine and fighting for her own country. She knew that she wanted to join before she even graduated high...
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    I love it update
    That One Thing She's Got
    That One Thing She...
    "I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you, I can never be brave, 'cause you make my heart race," Liam Payne. An once normal teenager who's part of the world famous boyband One Direction....
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    im so sorry sorry for your loss sweety.
    Why!? Sequel to Niall I Changed Get Over It
    Why!? Sequel to...
    Hey it's me Cierra. It's been a year after me and Harry broke up. I feel like something is going on tho. Like why would he brake up with me me out of the blue. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
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    Thanks...:( and I'm sure she is in a better place now...
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    it gets better my uncle did the exact same thing and it hurts it really does and it feels like 2 deaths in one but it gets better I promise you and I can bet she is in a better place hey if you ever just want to talk all you got to do is email me ill respond
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    and your welcome sweety
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    update I love dis
    A summer love
    A summer love
    Lucy can't believe her luck when she gets a summer job in an amzing location but when liam payne turns up she is overwhelmed with joy...
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