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Hey ppl I'm a fun loving girl who will be all nice as long as you DONT get on my bad side. I like 1D 5SOS and stuff like that!! ya… other than that urm Idk what to say ok now I'm gonna go!!

  • Jack.Johnson.Gilinsky

    mumbled "Lmao I can't keep promises when it comes to social media 😂😂"

    Look at my last mumble if you don't get the promise/title.
    Ok so ik I said I would post more. Again I got my laptop taken away. OH go follow me on Wattpad @ magconnnafff lmao. I have finals this and next week. Imma go study. BYE!! ����(image: like whoo bye 2Virgins. It's my fav song atm. And a text post. I think. Idk ������)
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    mumbled "idk what to title this lmao"

    hi. i haven't been on for a month. i got my laptop taken away again *sigh*. i had testing last week and the week before. but classes were shorter! this is very random but i have a very tiny addiction to seltzer. my fav flavor is kiwi strawberry (im drinking it rn lmao) oh does anybody like Hockey?? I'm a NYR (new york rangers) fav and they are in the playoffs. yay. if anybody has ig, go follow @ yass.larry bc 1) its my fan acct. and 2) we (my friends and I (ocd with grammer)) post Phan, Larry, 1D anything. but imma go bc its Sunday and I have school tmr. but im def gonna post more. Bye! :)
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    mumbled "haiii"

    Whats up you guys. I haven't been on here in like forever!! i got my laptop taken away but now im back!!!! :) i gtg and clean but know im back for a loooooong time
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