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***Ok, so maybe I'm a little weird. Actually, I am EXTREMELY weird. But, hey! Everyone needs a weird person in their lives, right? Maybe, maybe not. But that is ok. So, I love to read and write. I also love being goofy and being that girl who writes that weird romance involving a frog and a rabbit. (I'm kidding about the frog and rabbit part.) Anyway, please enjoy my stories and let me know if you are weird because I wouldn't mind being weird with others! =D***

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    mumbled "I love the stories and books!!!"

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    Hello, so I just wanted to put this out there, every story that I have read on here is amazing! I am so surprised to find such creations that exist because of one person or more. So, I want to thank every member on here for spending their time to put their ideas on here!! I love all of you guys. <3
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    thank you but if you didn't read mines its called be careful who you trust have a wonderful day and it's also on wattpad.
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    Your Welcome=) Trust me, I'm going to go read yours if I haven't already. You also should have a fabulous day!
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    chapter 3 and 4 is up of when jane met Alex this story is so uch fun to write remember to leave a comment