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by , Sunday March 11, 2018
 A blog of everything 💋

School caf hey guys gets talk about this first of it is your bff b day you got something special for her ! Wait In Nigeria it is the person celebrating the birthday that Ives presents so this was my last birthday

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  • Ice fire kwami😻💋
    Nice though sis is more of a fan
    Beauty in the Beast
    Beauty in the Beas...
    Every word of this letter is true. I have a lot on my mind and needed to channel it into something creative so this is the only love letter I will ever write. I have recently fallen in love but it's not...
  • Ice fire kwami😻💋
    Nice except the gay part not a fan also please read my story " A girl who had everything but love" also I do not discriminate just not a fan����
    A Soft Sensation
    A Soft Sensation
    I'm probably gonna add onto this!
  • Ice fire kwami😻💋
    Thank you at least some finally realized my talent !��
    A girl who had everything but love
    A girl who had eve...
    Hello my name is Alexandria , Alexa for short and this is my story P . s this is not one of those stories whereby the geek falls for the bad boy Cause in this scenario bad boy vs bad girl . . . evil...
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