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"Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable."
~Bruce Lee

I am part of the CreepyPasta family. The members are as follows:
@Herobrine -Herobrine
@LittleMsHollywood - Laughing Jack
@A-zsh-a Treethorn - Jane the Killer
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@Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon - Zalgo
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  • Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon
    Ignis Blaze
    Messy, red hair, one golden eye, one brown eye, slightly tanned skin, slender, around 6ft 2" (So taller than most teens around her age)
    Aphrodite (Though if you looked at her, you would probably think she was an Ares kid)
    Just arrived with Amore Vulcana.

    (Heavy, two-handed sword)
    Smart, fast, stealthy, fierce, but is caring to people she likes. Her relationship with her mother is slightly tense, but she has a good relationship with Hephaestus and Ares.
    A Real Camp-Half Blood - Open -
    A Real Camp-Half...
    This is like The Real Hunger Games! Except Camp-Half Blood btw the authors of The real hunger games are Cambie Shadownight and Kennedy Shadownight ( hope I spelled all of that right ) anyway yeah please...
    6 years ago
    That sword is fabulous...
    6 years ago
    Local isn't it?
    6 years ago
    Lol* just saw that :3
  • Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon

    mumbled "Check Out Calix & I's New Zambie Movellas!"

    My Little Embers!
    There was hardly any planning behind this, but it would still be great if you guys could check it out:
    Forgive MeSeven months ago there was a virus outbreak in some sort of lab. For reasons unknown at the time, a handful of people started going crazy, trying to eat...

    Please comment and feel free to CC! Thanks!

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  • Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon
    Full Name: Ignis Blaze
    Nick Name: Devil Child, Demon
    Age: 12
    District: 1
    Family: Older brother called Flare (18 years old), older sister called Tinder(20 years old), no parents.
    Appearance: Fiery-red hair (Longish, but kind of sticks up like in profile picture), golden eyes, tall, tanned, strong build.
    Weapon: Fire, blunt objects, knives. Uses her speed to her advantage in fights.
    Personality: Serious, ca be a bit rude, fierce, trustworthy, would stand out in a crowd, hugely underestimated because of her age, dangerous.
    Skills: Can stand very high temperatures like the rest of her family (Work with furnaces back home ever since her parents died by fire in an accident years ago. Ignis works with fire to prove to others, and herself, that she isn't afraid.), fast runner, good climber, excellent tracker and hunter. Cannot swim as she hates water.
    Allies: Ebony Elizabeth Crews from district 12 and Terra Dryad from district 7.
    Enemies: Likes the pair from 4, but distrusts them due to their affiliation with water.
    Reaping: Volunteered for Flare, because he was so close to being free from the games and she wanted to be the one to give him that freedom and save his life.
    Score: 10
    89th Annual Hunger Games
    89th Annual Hunger...
    It's years since Katniss and Peter won the Hunger Games and everything has returned to what it used to be before the resurrection of District 13. It is now time for the 89th Annual Hunger Games and so...
    Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon
    I miss typed for Allies.
    Allies: Ebony Elizabeth Crews from district 12 and Caine Carrita from district 11.
    (Sorry, Terra. <3 )
    Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon
    Thank you, Luna.

    I give you my word that you can trust me, Ebony. I may only be twelve, but I am a good fighter. Anyway, my siblings don't need me, they are safe now. The least I can do is help one of you get home safe.
    Ignis 'Zalgo' Daemon
    Hm... Okay, but I'm gonna keep a close eye on them...
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