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Romance is my specialty. My idol is Ed Sheeran. I have a strange obsession with giraffes and The Little Mermaid. That's all that's to me.

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    So if you haven't noticed I keep deleting all of my stories and I just wanted everyone to know it's because, when I write these I have absolutely no idea what is about to happen next. If I do, like Saved was going to be, I get bored and find no point in writing a story I already know the ending to. And most of the time when I don't I get half way through the story and it just gets too boring, too predictable and I don't enjoy writing it anymore so . . . Just hang tight I'll try and get something new up and try my hardest to finish. I just need a really great topic.
    I know I'm probably talking to nobody but if you are reading this I love you! And thank you so much for reading.
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    I think you need to know a little bit more about me. I've dreamed of being a writer. Since forever. I know this website is mostly fan fiction but I don't write that stuff. I just love to write. I don't want to ask anyone to read my stories, at least anyone that I know. I just want feedback on what I write. I want to know what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and most of all if I'm good enough. I've only dreamed of being a writer and I could only dream of becoming a professional, but I need to know if I'm good enough. The thing about me is, I like to dream. I like to wish. But I don't do. I need someone to tell me that I can't do it and I have no chance so I need to stop dreaming for me to stop believing my wish could ever come true. I try to tell myself that I'm not good enough, that I don't have what it takes but I guess I don't like to listen to myself because somewhere inside of me, there's hope that shooting stars, fallen eyelashes, and 11:11 actually work and that one day I'll be able to sit around all day and write. I don't care if you think it's stupid. I don't care if you hate me. Feedback. That's all I want.
    Please comment anything you'd like to tell me. I don't care if it's mean or rude. Do it. Tell me what you think of me. Tell me what you think of my stories. Don't sugar coat it. Give it to me straight and honest.
    VB20 x
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