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Once upon a time there was 2 cousins. 3 words. Eleanor and Indigo. The two live in seperate countries, one in England (El) and one in Ireland (Indi).
They just happen to be best friends. They are always texting or on Skype. Every once and a while they go on a holiday to visit each other. Crazy thing is, they both love One Direction, and both love to write. BAM! Fanfiction. Become a friend because we friend baacckkk!!
Much love!
-El & Indi xx.

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    mumbled "Sorry.."

    HeeeEEllleLELELLLLLLLllllLlllloooO!! Just a warning, I am so sorry.. El and I haven't been able to get together for a bit, but a Movella is coming I can tell you that!! It is going great, and once we find a title, surely we will start to post the forming chapters. Until soon-
    Lots of love, Indigo and Eleanor. Xx.
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