I'm seriously sick of all of this. Everyone is accusing my friend for creating this fake profiles when she didn't. A girl at our school create them because she hates @Julie_Loves1D_ and probably thought that it would be fun to get her into trouble AGAIN. And I know this because I went to find the girl who hates her, for a homework assignment and when I finally found her, she was on her computer and she had a word document with a bunch of random emails on one side of the screen and this website on the other side of the screen. This seriously isn't fair to her and for people to be accusing me of being one of those 'fake' accounts.....you know what.......mind your own flippin business and stop accusing me of being myself.
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    Omg. I can feel another rant coming on. Okay so... Let me GUESS. Guess meaning infer. If you know what that means.... Right? Not that I'm saying it's for sure. Can you tell the difference?
    Your account also got created Feb 7, 2013. That's the same date as RoxyFoxy, who supposedly admitted to making the fake profiles. I smell something fishy. And second of all... When people started to talk to you about your fake account... You thought it was logical and believable if you posted something on your blog. What are you trying to say? "I'm active?" Because in the last 2 hours... You've made 5 mumbles. In the last 2 months... you haven't done a single thing. And suddenly you have favs and you start fanning people. I find it unbelievable.
    7 years ago
    because if posting pictures is the only way to prove my own existence to this, its stupid but i don't like the fact that you think im the spammer....that's exactly what my friend wants to do to julie. she's SO mean to her
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    Post one of you with a sign saying "I'm Inspirelovelife." I'm not saying you're a spammer. People are just getting on my nerves.
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