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    mumbled "Red Nose Day"

    Seeing all those sick babies and then Zayn crying, you guys, please donate!

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    mumbled "POTTERHEADS"

    Hey guys, I've recently started to admin a page with my friend on Facebook, so if there are any Potterheads it'd be much appreciated if you would like it! facebook.com/ButWereNotStupidKnowWereCal..
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    mumbled "I'm new at this...."

    I've just started writing fan fictions and I have a few in progress, if anyone could provide me with a few questions, comments, requests, or anything of the sort to give me an idea of what I'm doing, I'd be very thankful!!!!! I also have a Tumblr page, it's a work in progress as well, but criticism of every kind is welcome! Thank you, xx