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Tσ ωнσмєνєя мαу вє яєα∂ιηg тнιѕ, уσυ αяє вєαυтιƒυℓ. ❤

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    mumbled "Dark fanfiction"

    I uploaded dark on here with permission from the owner but sadly movellas decided to take it down and im not allowed to re-upload it. You can still read it on onedirectionfanfiction.com though
    8 years ago
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    Oh no :( thats unfair :(
  • iStylesFreak
    Leticia and Louis
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (15+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Sexual One Shots on all the boys:) 15 and above due to the sexual frustrations. All the one shots in this movella do not belong to me, they belong to the tumblr blog > 1dsexualfrustrations.tumblr.com
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    mumbled "Take Me Home Concert"

    Yesterday I went to the take me home concert and it was amazing! Zayn noticed me and waved at me twice and Liam noticed me once. It was honestly the best day of my life<3
  • iStylesFreak
    i love this story!! how much longer do you think it will go on for?
    Passion '2 (15+)
    Passion '2 (15+)
    "Remember when I promised to love you forever?" "Yes?" "Forever isn't over yet."
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