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  • Italy's Sister Sicily
    Is anyone else thinking that Japan set that whole thing up starting in chapter 12?
    The Face as Cold as Stone {APH}
    The Face as Cold...
    Norway's face never changes. It's just there, emotionless, uncaring, unfeeling - like Norway has shut himself off from the world, and he no longer cares. Denmark is determined to find out why. Hetalia...
    5 years ago
    Thankee! :D I'll try to write more soon, but I have loads of stuff to do, so I'll probably finish it soon.
    Though I might do a Nordics AU. I'm not sure yet. :P
    Italy's Sister Sicily
    5 years ago
    If I do, it might be one... *Whispers* With character death... :'(
  • Italy's Sister Sicily

    mumbled "Idea!"

    Ok, so... I'm thinking about writing my first Movellas. It's kinda a mix between CreepyPastas and Hetalia. It will switch from a few peoples' perspectives and I will try to update it as quickly and creatively as I can... What do ya think?
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