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Hi I'm Melanie :) But people normally call me Mel. :D
Well, for starters, I love writing. I have this big dream one day I'm gonna publish a book, and a really good one too. Honestly I'm already in the middle of trying to make one but its hard to find time to continue it.
I've always admired people who are carefree and just wants to let loose. One of these days I am seriously just going to take a trip, I don't where I'll go but I will go somewhere along with someone who wants to have fun too.

I'm pretty good with electronics and I love editing videos. (I have an addiction to a few video games ehehe) I've honestly admired drama and broadway musicals(expecially Grease! Best ever!) and I've always wanted to join drama competitions and or theatre shows but I guess I'm always at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope one of these days I'd get a chance.


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