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I am 5' 3" I have blue/green eyes w/ dark brown/blonde hair. I have fair light skin with freckles. Some info about me: My favorite animal is a cat ( I have 2), I am bisexual although I like boys a lot more, I am not scared to speak my mind and I will stand up for my friends, I'm basically the class clown I'm always getting yelled at by my teachers but it's usually worth it if I can see someone laugh or smile because of me, I'm currently single ;) , my two favorite singers are 1) Adam Lambert and 2) Andy Beirsack, I like basically any rock, alternative, or pop/rock band or singers ( also Adele and Kelly clarkson), My top 3 fav animes are 1) Black Butler 2) Blue Exorcist 3) Death Parade my top anime bae is Sebastian Michaelis. I like a lot of youtubers such as: pewdiepie, smosh, onision, nigahiga, and danisnotonfire. I was born in France then moved to the U.K. And when I was 4 we moved to Jupiter,FL. My IQ level is 157 I'm a straight A student even though I think school sucks and I've never studied before and I only have ever gotten A's on my exams. If you have any questions about anything I like or dislike feel free to ask me. ; )