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I love writing, but I don't do it much. I'm going to try and focus! I play ps4 and work most of the time. Or sleep. But I have cool dreams that I turn into stories and think about stories a lot and write down sentences and paragraphs on napkins as they come to my head or quickly type it out in my phone with as many typos as possible. I love wolves, but somehow I've moved out of my werewolf phase and into a demons and angels phase (?) so you'll definitely see common themes. That is, if you actually read my stuff. That is, if I actually write enough to post something. I was hoping this site would help me stay organised, if not focused.

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    I'm going out of town/state/ for 2 weeks so you may here from me and you may not. I'll be staying at a hospital so they should have internet... (My grandma is having surgery and will have to stay there a few days.) I'll type and listen to music. If I can concentrate. I'm really worried about her.
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    Does anyone actually like the things that I write? I have shared each chapter that I write with the people that are closest to me before publishing anything and they say that it's good or okay but that they don't like the content. I am a young adult female and that is my desired audience and they are all males, so, I'm wondering if they just don't get it. On the other hand, I want to be able to intrigue audiences of all kinds and paranormal sexual romances probably aren't going to cut that deal with the masculine population. I add comedy into it and they like that. Sometimes my comedy is too much and I had to cut things out because it was just way too out there. I agree that I should write what I want to and I was excited with this new project and not everyone is going to like everything but it's left me with an identity crisis. I don't know what I should do. If I should drop everything and change everything. A lot of them do revolve around sex.. that's the point of the stories so I can't really cut that out. On the other ones, I only set the scene and basically get the point across that they did it, it's very PG so that's not a big deal... But some of them are very rated R and I don't think that that should be a bad thing... although, I am embarrassed to have people I know read any of them so that might be a sign that I shouldn't be doing it. That I need to quit. I don't want to quit.
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    Is anyone else not able to click over to the "upload picture" option? I can't put up my covers!!!!!
    1 days ago
    I tried it on my phone but it wouldn’t let me. I had to go online to the website on a computer.
    Jadessa Crowe
    1 days ago
    I do use my computer. It doesn't let me click on the "upload cover" only yo choose one of the pictures provided. Then, I wouldn't be allowed to edit or save that one.
    Xander (a.k.a Xandria#2)
    Yeah, I've also been having issues with that.
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    I typed up a brand spanking new chapter for a new story called LOVE, LUST, OR, LYCANTHROPY. I was going to publish the chapter, but, I can't get the cover to save in the covers slot. It spins and spins and doesn't save. I've had this problem for a few weeks. I couldn't put up my new cover for THE GUARDIAN OF THE WOODS so I made it its own chapter and that went in fine, although, I couldn't edit it or anything. :/
    Anyways, I got some work done! It's a miracle! (It was midnight and I wasn't tired and now it's 3 am and I'm still not feeling tired so I might type more or I should try and sleep..... We'll see! Hee hee!)
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Aww jade I'm here for you
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