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Im 15 and would love for some support on my books and tell your friends about it. You can suggest books or your very own and i will very gladly read it and might just follow you :)

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    Hi my twin sister also known as tangerine told me about your amazing skills of the covers you make and was wondering if you could do mine,mine will be a cover.
    Cover:Act My Age
    Author: HarrysBabe101
    Celebrities: Harry Styles and Leigh-Anne Pinnock
    Quote: Listen To Me For Once
    Mood: Mysterious and dangerous
    Complexity: Complex
    this story is on drafts so i will give you a description.
    Leigh-Anne Pinock just turned 18 and finished school,She decides to run away from home due to family issues along the way she meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson he also ran away ad has a huge secret hes not telling her while he follows her while trying not to be seen by her .Will they fall in love or will Louis tell her the secret?
    i hope this is enough and thank you :)
    cover store  ✕  open
    cover store ✕ ...
    here for your cover/banner needs. just follow the guidelines in the first chapter and i'll get to working on your cover! [this takes time; bear with me please and be patient.]

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    Hey guys I can't sign into my likes babe account so I will replied it on harrysbabe
    The Bad Boy
    The Bad Boy
    "If I give you sex lessons you have to go on a date with me " he said smirking. "Deal" I said and with that he smashed his lips on mine Copy Right Is NOT Aloud!
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