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My names Jane

im 13 years old
favorite color: blue, purple, or pink

  • cookiemonster😝🍪
    Password: Gravity Falls
    Title: Stay strong
    Description: About a 14 year old girl and her little brother lose their mother from a DUI and there father turns abusive and there are less and less people to trust.
    Ideas for the cover: A teenage girl with her arm around little boy, background is all black and the they are surrounded by smoke
    Extra: please put "cover by Luke J.R, and don't put the authors name o. The cover thank you so much!!!
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    4 years ago
    @[cookiemonster����] Here you go: (if you don't like it, I will make another one) Just let me know.
    I've implemented everything you wanted, (serious mood) dark with a father's shadow (abusive father)- car accident (car overlay)- brother & sister (there you go) I added everything! C:
    This sure was a challenge. Hope you like the finished product: (I sure hope it was worth it)
    Sorry I'm so late on this, but I can't see it, I'm on my iPhone and it's just not showing up
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