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My name is Jim, and I am a Professional Basement Camper. I am a Speed Writer, in the past I would release a chapter each day. However, I want to test how well suspense can be built if I take things slower!

My days consist of long fruitless hours, staring at a computer screen and typing my life away.

I've never been much for sharing my work; in fact, I've gone out of my way to avoid these types of things. I've always kept my stories to myself out of fear of rejection.

Those days are long behind me, and I know that I will be updating regularly with my works of Fiction as well as my horror stories.

I am a very VERY active reader, so if I'm up in your work, I hope you can forgive me ☺ I just enjoy the interactions!

Enjoy my Secret Secret Writings.

  • James Grey and The Song of Fear
    James Grey and The...
    by JDGRIMM

    mumbled "Realization"

    1 years agoReply
    I used to write a full-length chapter a day and even completed my first novel within a few weeks... I always wondered why people struggled to get their words on paper, but then I got a job and realized... Life makes things complicated, that's why. LOL, Now I'm barely getting two chapters out a week let alone one a day. I wonder if I'll get that pacing down.
    Little Miss Author
    1 years ago
    I believe in you, pal!!
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