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Hi, my name is Jenna. I love to read and write and I'm bisexual so if you are homophobic then you you can go away because I don't take the hate.


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    mumbled "Being a Caniff... Maybe? Trailer"

    Thanks @[Katie Pharoah] for the amazing trailer for my book. I love it.... Watch it with this link.

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    mumbled "LET'S RANT"

    Okay so I am going to rant for a minute..... I don't understand why everybody is talking about 'Thirteen Reasons Why' now.... Like I know its an amazing book I read and seen the series but I read the book like a year after it came out. No one would have know about the book or even read it if it wasn't for the fact that they made a series about it on Netflix. THE BOOK CAME OUT IN 2007... It didn't become popular until like eight years after it came out..... Okay Im done now.... But thanks for reading