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I am 14 and my name is Shannon. I am Awsome, so dont try to tell me differently! I will have a lot of spelling erros.My Besty Is Toxic Love. I LOVE Quotes, so if you have any good ones let me know. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to continue I am anoying,all of the time. My teachers hate me, but hey tell me something I dont know!
My pic says 'We're all mad here' and it comes from the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderlad. I love that cat.
I was thinking of changing my name to Jinx The Ce. Not sure though, I like it but....I don't know.

My Wattpad-http://wattpad.com/JinxTheCe
Username is JinxTheCe

My favorite words of all time are;
Veni, Vidi, Asinus Calce

Latin for; I came, I saw, I Kicked Ass

I have some favorite music to.
Kid Rock-Cocky, Cowboy, Trucker Anther, Wasting Time, and more (None of his new stuff)
Metallica-Enter Sandman and Of Wolf And Man
Blink-182--The Rock Show, What's My Age again?, and more
Alex Claire- Too Close
Jake Miller-Like Me, A Million Lives, and more
Nickelback-Animals, Rockstar, How You Remind Me
Stained- Something To Remind You
Van Halen- Panama, Jump, and more
The Presidents of the United States Of America- Peaches


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    The Story Of Two
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  • Jinxer
    7 years agoReply
    oh gosh, I love the resent chapter, its really good. keep up the good writing.
    The Last Moon Dragon
    The Last Moon Drag...
    PSA to idiots on the internet who think it's ok to plagiarise, this story has already been reposted once by a user on wattpad and I (OP / author) reported them immediately. Don't copy and paste other people's...
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    @[Jinxer] Thank you :)
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    at my school, if you get caught bullying someone, they you get suspended for five days and fail that semester. If you do it again, you get kicked out.
    Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends...
  • Jinxer
    7 years agoReply
    piqued my interest.
    darker side of things
    darker side of thi...
    this is the story of a boy who is raised by a Christian/ Catholic family. who has an encounter with all 6 of the fallen ones and confrontation of death himself. through a ravenous experience and many horrors...
  • Jinxer
    7 years agoReply
    Creepypasta! (PLEASE?), And, I realize not many people have ever read or seen the book but, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, if people think hard some cool fanfics can me written about it. Just sayin' Hmmmm.......Black Veiled Brides might be a good one. You Tubers, too. Tons of people love you tubers.
    7 years ago
    And mythology, people like to write about that.
    7 years ago
    No,there already a site for CreepyPasta's and that's the Hub for all creepypasta's. Plus, I don't really think Movellas should be home to Creepy Pasta's. Horror/Thriller is already good enough with loads of scary stories. So, we don't need more categories such as Creepy Pasta or even Mythology. - Just saying, sorry :c
  • Jinxer
    7 years agoReply
    Ok....this is really cool! I absolutely love it! I realize I'm probly a dark and demented person for loving it but its good.
    The Devil's Bride {Book 1}
    The Devil's Bride...
    One sentence changed my life. That man changed everything and everyone. I remember his words like it was my lifeline and truth be told it kinda was! "When you become of age Kassia. You WILL be mine."...
    7 years ago
    Thank you, but I'm not really sure. I am a bit of a dark and goth person, but I am very sweet so I really don't know. I just had to write this story down or I was gonna go crazy and I am so glad u love it.
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