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Its great to be back on movellas :)

Making new stories! Be checking out my profile for uploads!

One direction concert, August 2nd 2015!,, MEETING 5SOS AUGUST 29TH 2015!!! :D

5 years of my life dedicated to one direction and 4 years of my life for 5sos!

just chillen wit it <:

  • Jojomloves1D
    I'm sorry I keep posted lol, I feel like I fell asleep for 50 years and I'm trying to take everything in, I see jc fanfics and 5sos where's all my 1d stories at?
  • Jojomloves1D
    I'm crying right now guys...
    It's been 10 months since I've logged on to movellas, the last time I was on I hated everything that had happened and I didn't want to look on it. I was just thinking about writing and I downloaded it back onto my phone. I've missed so much and everything seemed to have changed does anyone want to fill me in with the scoop?
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