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I um, probably won't be writing anymore due to some circumstances.

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    mumbled "SMUT!! :D"

    So I'm making a smut book and I hope you guys like it. I just published the first little story/one shot or what ever it's called. I will try to make them longer and more detailed. Just to warn you, this is my first time writing smut and I'm not very good at it so bear with me okay? I would appreciate it if you would check it out and leave comments and/or suggestions. But if you're just gonna put hate, you're in the wrong neighbourhood. Just sayin. I love you guys <3 And like always, stay beautiful and handsome because I know there are some fanboys out there! <3
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    This is a good story :3 keep up the good work. Anndd... Plz update
    The Choosing
    The Choosing
    When Goth-like Dakota is picked to enter the choosing, a compulsory 7 month stay at the royal palace of Diamora kingdom to determine who the prince will marry, she is furious and makes a failed attempt...
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    5 years ago
    You're welcome :3
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    Update update update! I'm dying to know what happens :3
    ♡ teenage punks|mgc ♡
    ♡ teenage punks|mg...
    April is a girl with a free spirited mind, she does nothing good. Then one night when she's getting revenge one of her friends for pranking her, she finds Michael - the school's badass, in the same house,...
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