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I am really into writing it's just I am little too busy to always update. I am apologizing to my readers I promise I will keep doing this. For personal contact @Juli_Petraglia. I'm Argentinian but I've always preffer talking on english. Please never stop reading. I am really a friendly and kind person.I like helping others to get what they want just to see them happy.

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    mumbled "I want to be BIG"

    I really feel like I am just another normal passenger on this life trip. I really want to be different from common people but I am just another teenage girl writing about her problems on a blog that nobody will read. I want to make a change. Help people entertaining them with my radio speechs but I think they just really get bored. I have always dream about being famous and that stupid stuff. But I have my feet on the ground. I KNOW THAT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. So I just keep dreaming on my bedroom as usual. Like other girl somewhere too. It is really crazy how I am dreaming about this. It's just that I see my favourite stars on TV magazines and all that stuff and I want to be just that way. I know their lives seem so perfect but they are not. They have love and family problems as everybody does. They can't handle with the pressure of being famous sometimes. I know it would be hard but I really want to at least try it. I want to feel complete. You guys maybe think this is boring and I get it. I AM A BORING PERSON. Just give another idea for a story I can write. LOVE YOU ALL. <3
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    mumbled "So good to feel this way"

    Really spending time today with my brother, nephew and sister in law was amusing. I was missing this days of just relaxing with them because they were on holiday. We as usual went on a foam war. Which always cheers me up. I have been feeling alone you know. Boyfriend is going away on January 9th to Chile on holiday. I am not going to see him in two months that makes me sad beacause I am going to miss him a lot, friends are studying (Because they owe some subjects at school, they didn't have done with not studying in the whole year) or with their families, Really I started writing this kind of things because I loved the comments you have left on my first entrance I appreciate that a lot. So thanks. Anyways I wanted to ask what would you like me to write about.
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    mumbled "I really don't know what to say"

    I just wanted to introduce myself a little. My name is Julieta I live in Argentina. I am about to turn 14 in only twelve days, yeah I know I am young. I am into radio speech. I really love doing that. I make triathlon and volleyball. But I've done so many sports in my life. I just want to show you that I am little boring person. But when I write my personality totally changes. I really feel that I can be just myself. I hope some of you writers and readers feel the same as I do. Well that was all I had to say. Just bye.
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    Nice to meet you. I'm a vampire that was bitten in the 1920s. You can call me Holly, Bry, Vampy, or whatever you wish.
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    Hey! I really love this story I just came here to tell you are a great writer and my favourite one! Please never stop with this because you are awesome I would like to know if you have a Twitter account just to get in touch... ANyways you are amusing Love XOXO
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    I do actually, its @laurabgaard
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    Pleasee don't finish it I know I have neer wrote you since story started but knowing that it was ending broke my heart really i want you to go on i'm from Argentina and i'm also a writer i would like to get in contact with you maybe we can a have a little talk someday i think what you write its amusing and i love it please dont finish keep with it i really love this story i never wrote to you because i was shy but i dont want this story to end
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