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The name is Julia, & I’m not just any internet nerd,
you see I’m also a sarcastic, narcissistic, human bean (I know exactly what it says, don’t argue with me).

Here is some well needed information about me:

Dream Job: Bed tester

Personality type: Asshole

Spirit Animal: Jimin's abs

Absolute BTS trash.

Feel free to chat meh up, I don’t promise not to be a dick
but at least you’ll get the raw experience of 100% grade A British bants.

(I'm actually really nice, please love me.)

  • JuliaWasHere
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    A really amazing poem. Love the way you created emotion and a sense of voice as well as creating a story without revealing too much. :)
    My Lover and His Lover
    My Lover and His...
    My Lover and His Lover- third and final entry for The Poetry Project competition. Like and comment. Any feedback welcome :)
    3 years ago
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    @[JuliaWasHere] thank you for this lovely comment! I wanted the person who felt torn to have a voice just to give her a sense of personality that shines through a little. Thanks again!
  • JuliaWasHere
    *happy dance*
    My first writing competition win!
    Skye S
    3 years ago
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    Congrats. Could you send your full name and mailing info to my email (skye.smith@movellas.com) so I can get your prize mailed out to you soon? Thanks for participating! You submitted a great story, I love the cover too :-)
  • JuliaWasHere

    mumbled "Creative Writing Group"

    Today I read The Strings of Time for my creative writing group. Everyone clapped and I felt so loved.
    <3 <3 <3
    Shona (my creative writing teacher): My critique is that you are awesome.
    *dies inside from happiness*
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