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    Check out my new Justin Bieber movella!
    A new lifeJustin choose to step out of his life with fame and fans. Forever. He wants to be normal, but it's not that easy. Until he meets Scarlett, who works at...
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    Young, wild and freeCecilia, Lydia (sisters), Justin and Toby. 4 very close friends at the age of 19, spending most of their time going clubbing and having sex. Cecilia...
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    1. Name/Title of Movella : one loss, ons love

    2. Genre/Mood : romantic Justin Bieber fanfiction

    3. Celebrities or certain images you want included : Justin bieber in front and if you can make it look good, two girls in the background. Doesn't matter who.

    4. Summary/Link : peyton loses her twinsister in a car accident and they try to donate money for her operation but it's too late. Here peyton meets Justin Bieber

    5. Author : (Do you want it on there or not?) juliesabroe

    6. Color scheme (optional) :

    7. Other (optional) :

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    Cover pleaseee :)

    Title: One loss, one love
    Author: juliesabroe
    Description: A girl named Peyton loses her twinsister and they try to donate money for her
    operation. Here justin Bieber comes into the picture and who knows what could happen...
    Celebrities: Justin. And two girl looking a like in the bckground. Doesn't matter who.
    Saying/quotes: When a heart stops beating another starts loving.

    Thank you soooo much! :)
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