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Hey everybody! I'm Just Fly but my name will probably have changed by tomorrow!

I am a British teen who discovered movellas over a year ago. I love music, writing, reading and socialising with all of you!

I absolutely love helping people out and am very proud to be a Movellas Guide. So, if you need anything just tell me.
Post a comment on my blog if you are unsure of something, or need a little help, or want me to read one of your stories; even if you'd like some help making a book cover!
There's no need to be embarrassed or shy, because I was a newbie once as well and I understand how traumatic it is when you're confused.
And remember; I fan everyone I so much as talk to! ;)

Contact me:

Kik - HeyILoveChocolate
Email - justfly@live.com

  • Just Fly
    6 years agoReply
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    I'm signing up, my opinion has been posted a 'mumble' or whatever to my wall :) If you can be bothered to read it, please do <3
    The Old Movellas Petition
    The Old Movellas...
    Trust me, the names listed in the petition is "in progress"
    Just Fly
    6 years ago
    No problem x and aww thank you so much! That means a lot :) But yours are so original and good!
    6 years ago
    omg thanks and np im kinda struggling on ideas for the chapters of my movellas can you give me a few suggestions?
    Just Fly
    6 years ago
    Hmm, I really don't know, you're far more creative than me! But whenever I get writers block, I just sort of begin to create suspense for something big that's going to happen. Maybe someone's going to leave, cheat or perhaps it'll be good and they'll kiss or fall in love. Or you could just hit them with a car crash or something haha! I don't know, try out various ideas and see which one flows best :) whatever you choose will be great! x
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    mumbled "The New Movellas..."

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    Hello everyone!

    Okay first of all, sorry I disconnected for ages, but school and life got really hectic. My disconnection is actually the main reason why I'm writing this so late. I received notice from @[Eclecticboy] today, that movellas had changed and I should take a look.

    I have been here for going on 3 years, and yes things have changed and yes I don't particularly agree with these changes but I have kept coming back as I thought it stupid to stop writing simply because of some small differences in opinions. But I can't ignore this.

    This website was suggested to us by our year 7 English teacher. It was a lovely, small community that gave constructive criticism to writers that truly deserved recognition for their talents. Now, I would not suggest this site to anyone below the age of 14/15. I see stories of rape and sex slavery, with the protagonist falling in love with her capturer, in the top 10 of the month. It is sick and wrong.
    1) It was written by a young person who knows nothing about the topic.
    2) It's usually One Direction that are the rapists, which is disgusting as they are real people and would be sickened if they saw this.
    3) It is morally wrong and insensitive to write about such a sensitive problem that still exists in todays society and that ruin people's lives daily. They do not fall in love with those holding them, they are scarred mentally for years, sometimes taking their lives because of it. If they did fall in love with the male, it would be due to a mental illness caused by the trauma. It is not something anyone should be publishing to gain likes/followers from, when it's not even to raise awareness. It's disgusting.

    Some other points about it, is that the websites appearance has been changed and modernised in a way that many males feel uncomfortable using due to the colour scheme. Was this not considered?

    Users do not gain users because of their writing techniques and interesting stories, but because they write about a certain band/person. It isn't fair, especially for myself and my friends who don't fall at the feet of these celebrities but still want some criticism on our work.

    Finally, the lack of grammar and plain English has disappeared. It is tiring to read a story where every other word is spelt incorrectly or has basic punctuation missing. Please, this is a writing site and no one is encouraging basic literature?!

    I'd like to thank everyone who read all this, and though our opinions may differ, I'll respect whatever reply you have.

    Due to these changes, I have decided to leave Movellas. Perhaps I'll check back from time to time, but for now it is not a society I feel like I belong to anymore. It really upsets me to think that this is the end, as I love so many people on here deeply, but I feel many of us that have been here for a while now have simply matured and are strong enough writers not to crumble to what the majority of movella users demand. I congratulate anyone who has managed this. I also suggest to anyone who agrees with this 'mumble' to look at Wattpad; it's far more professional and will get you a lot further.

    Thank you so much to all my followers, movellas itself and everyone I have spoken to on here (oh God I'm tearing up!) I deeply appreciate your support and have enjoyed all of the good times and friendships we've made on movellas. If you want my Wattpad so we can stay in touch, let me know.

    Lots of love, JustFly <3
    Just Fly
    6 years ago
    Sorry, captor* :)
  • Just Fly

    mumbled "100 fans !"

    7 years agoReply
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    I literally just hit 100 fans and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you so so much x

    I know some users have hundreds, even thousands more, but it's just astonishing to me that 100 real life people hit that button.

    I am so so appreciative of your support and love you all, despite how sickly and cliche this all sounds x

    If there's anything you want me to do in return just tell me <3
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
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    Congrats! :D You deserve it!
    Just Fly
    7 years ago
    Thank you! @[Queen of The Dragon-Owls]
  • Just Fly

    mumbled "Game of Thrones!"

    7 years agoReply
    Okay if anyone on here watched GoT or read ASOIAF then please message me! Cos mann we need to fan girl/boy over this...����
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