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So I am 15.

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    Please update I am begging you
    Don't Leave, We Need You
    Don't Leave, We...
    Do you know what it's like to wake up and realize you've lost the most important person in your life? Hopefully not. I have though, more times then I wish to count. First my parents when I was six, then...
  • Lucky P.

    mumbled "I am back!!!!!!!!!!"

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    Going to be up all night like this all night. So I am sorry for my absents. I haven't had internet for a while. I am going to type up the rest of the chapter..........well I am going to try to type them. Since 1D is breaking apart (Zayn left the group) I will also work typing up my sequel to my first story and make the band slowly break up leaving some wonderful things happening between all of them. Well to typing. Hope you all enjoy
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