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My name is K. E. Kamiko (kah- MEE- coh), but you can call me Kami. I love to write; I write just about everything. I also profess my faith in Christ unabashedly, and make it my life's goal to follow Him and use the gifts of language He gave me to make the world a better place. For more, visit me at...


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    Hey. I like the idea behind this, but your grammar makes kinda hard to read. Maybe get someone to edit it?
    It's only for a while
    It's only for a...
    Charlotte Rowan was an orphan. No one even carded if she existed, parents dead, no letter nothing. One day the Weasley's came . Saying " It's only for a whole, you will see your friends soon enough" ....
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    Hai! I'm Kami. Female, shoulder-length wavy/curly hair, chocolate brown. Brown eyes. Medium skin. Pierced ears and nose, just a diamond stud for each. Usually wear a beanie and dark makeup. THANKS! ��
    Fwuffy Movellians - CLOSED -
    Fwuffy Movellians...
    So, I thought my profile pictures are so popular (due to a recent mumble) I thought I'd make this little Movella. You may request down below in the comments if you would like a picture of yourself as a...
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    Whoa, whoa! Slow down there, love! XD

    Medium skin? What skin, you're a fwuffy. XD
    Dark makeup? On a fwuffy? Such a thing is not possible! D:

    Just lay out in the list for when I get to it, that would be much appreciated! :P

    - Aldrin
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    mumbled "Farewell"

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    Greetings, readers. My name is K. E. Kamiko. I have recently grown rather fed up with Movellas. I am switching to Wattpad, which is more professional, in everything including users, covers, featured stories and most authors. I am tired of Movellas, but I am not leaving completely. I will be publishing the first few chapters of each story, but from there on you must find me on Wattpad, or be stuck with a cliffhanger.

    I will leave some of my poetry and my favorite story, "All Good Things," on the site. But other than that, you must follow me to Wattpad. I may return to Movellas some day, but until then...


    P.S. My username on Wattpad is @KEKamiko so if you have an account you can follow me. Thanks!

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    This is so good. It's such a truth of life. It speaks to most girls' insecurities and desires. I wish my stories were this profound. I'd appreciate some feedback on one, if you wouldn't mind.

    All Good ThingsLittle Ruby Morrell was a tragedy just waiting to happen... Mr. Michael Carter has her happy ending, if he has the courage to write it... When trage...
    7 Days
    7 Days
    This bold, compelling and topical story about bullying is told from the perspective of the bully and the bullied. School should be a safe place for Jess, but at the moment it’s everything she dreads....
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    mumbled "CALLING ALL POETS"

    Hi guys! Sorry I've been spamming a lot of you lately. I'm just really excited about my new works. For one of them, which is an older Movella but I'm adding new poetry now, it's a collection of poems that are tributes to misunderstood teenagers. If you're looking for some publicity, I'd appreciate some additions to this collection. If you're interested, mumble your poem you want added and mention me. I'll see if it's the kind of poetry I'm looking for. Then check back in a few days and see if you got in!

    Here's the link if you want to check it out:

    Youth of TodayA collection of the works of today's most talented young authors.
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