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Hi person who is reading this! I hope your having an amazing day! I would like to tell you that I am an amateur photographer ,I would like to get more experience though. I also love to write, it has been a discovered talent of mine along with photography for a little while and I’m still improving! I’m also going to be blogging my experiences and photography anonymously so stay in touch! Goodbye my beautifuls xxx

Beauty and the  Geek REVIEW​

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  • Kerlyia (ker-lie-ya)

    mumbled "New blog! Beauty and the Geek Review!"

    Go see my new blog! It's on Stephanie Williams popular book Beauty and the geek! Have any of you read it? Did u like it? tell me in the comments of my blog! And while your there check out my last blog about what I will be doing on my blogs, suggestions please! I also gave a shout out to one of my readers on this blog and the first few people to comment and follow me on todays or my previous blog will get shout outs on my next blog, which will be a Weird and Relatable post, go see my first blog for more info! Thanks my lovelies! XOXO Kerlyia.
  • Kerlyia (ker-lie-ya)

    mumbled "New blogs!"

    Hiiiiiiiii! Sorry Geekboy for posting this on your platform but I thought i'd get wider coverage. I just wanted to say that I've started blogging on my platform! Come and read if you like and see my first blog that I just posted bc that one explains everything I will be doing on my blog. Any suggestions are welcome and remember to be nice as I'm new to this thing! XOXO Kerlyia
    Its ok I actually feel loved when people post on my platform XD
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    mumbled "How do I write or share a story?"

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    Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to this fan fic and story base so I am hoping you guys could help me out? I want to know how to write and share stories on Movellas bc I love writing. Can someone tell me? Btw I am loving all these stories from u guys! I am also a photographer, see a photo that I took and edited below ��
    Katie Pharoah
    3 years ago
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    Hello and Welcome to Movellas! To write a story you can click your username at the right hand top corner and go down to where the drop bar says New Story. From there you decide on the title, the genre, whether it's fiction or fanfiction, and the summary of your story. You can then put on a cover, deciding from the presets or you can make your own using external editing software. You can then put in your first chapter, you share your story when you click Save and Publish to the bottom left, or you can just save it as a draft (a button at the bottom right) if you don't want to publically share it just yet. You can always go back and edit too.
    That's the basics, it's usually just exploring and getting to grips with everything here. I hope you enjoy your stay on Movellas and if you need more help you can either check the forums or post a mumble asking for it like you just have.
    Kerlyia (ker-lie-ya)
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    Thank you so much! I figured it out now and I am hoping that you will soon be reading a story of mine! Xxx
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