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Hai ^~^ I like pie

  • Kadance Quinn
    ok so umm im not gonna comment about the speliing or anything but i have a question and something to tell u. one i have no idea if ur a boy or girl if ur a boy are u gay? if ur a girl how do u knwo so much about gay sex? and that pleasure spot u keep talking about is called the prostate. just so u know anyways other that that i love the story :)
    Dangerous Hearts (Kellic)
    Dangerous Hearts...
    After calling the wrong prostitution agency, Kelin meets a young prostitute name Vic. But not everyone is exactly who they seem when feelings start to form and an old ex trying to make their life a living...
    6 years ago
    Im a girl, 18. I have gay guy friends and we're probably way too open about stuff with each other. I read a lot of gay sex too.. o.o .,, yeah. I know its called a prostate. I think I say that a few time, but not a lot. I dont know. Just saying prostate every time sounds weird and if i say "pound into his prostate' or something, it sounds like the most painful thing on the planet xD so yeah.. :) and thank you
    Kadance Quinn
    6 years ago
    lol yea and your welcome :)
  • Kadance Quinn
    please update!
    Besitos {Kellic}
    Besitos {Kellic}
    Vic is just a helpless kid living with his step parents and step brother, Mike. He gets pushed around a lot by Mike in the house, his step mom and step dad don't care about him, he gets bullied at school...
  • Kadance Quinn
    pleeaasse update its sooo amazing :)
    Props & Kellin? (Kellic)
    Props & Kellin?...
    Vic has always had a crush on his best bud, Kellin. Kellin has always had a crush on his best friend, Vic. They both are at Warped Tour 2012. What happens when Kellin shows his feelings towards Vic?
  • Kadance Quinn
    plz update i love it!!
    Brothers bestfriend
    Brothers bestfrien...
    *may contain swearing A girl, pained as she has to make a life changing decision with choosing between two boys she's in love with.
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