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"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself." -D. H. Lawrence

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    mumbled "For Some Odd Reason"

    It seems my pop-up blocker is malfunctioning, and it's making being on any site impossible. Due to that, it'll be a while until you see anything of mine again. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly received.
    3 years ago
    Can you disable the pop-up blocker? Even just for specific sites?
    Kai Heartnet
    3 years ago
    It wouldn't let me, but it seems to have resolved itself. At least for Chrome? I'm not quite sure how it was solved...?
  • Kai Heartnet

    mumbled "Also, My Latest Hobby"

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    An in-process baby blanket
    3 years ago
    Yeah, knitting is complicated. But your blanket is coming along nicely.
    3 years ago
    im working on knitting too. is it fun?
    3 years ago
    Knitting is fun if you have the patience.
    Kai Heartnet
    3 years ago
    It's fun but a wee bit aggravating in the beginning. ESPECIALLY if you do what I did and completely ignore advice about needle sizes. (Point: If an experienced knitter tells you that your best bet is wooden 15s, TRUST THEM.)
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    mumbled "WHOO-HOO"

    You might ask: "Why hasn't Kai really written anything lately?" Actually, I hope you haven't. I go on hiatuses more often than musicians. Anywho, this absence has come from pouring all my time into publishing my first e-book!! I'm so excited! You can read it for free at: amazon.com/Promise-Keep-Venice-Hamilton-..
    Penelope Estrella
    Kai Heartnet
    3 years ago
    Penelope Estrella
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    mumbled "I'm Learning to Knit!!"

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    So here's some kits! (I INTENSELY want a pet fox)
    3 years ago
    Me too!
    3 years ago
    Then I failedXD
    Kai Heartnet
    3 years ago
    I have not QUITE succeeded yet, but I refuse to give up! ^+^
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    mumbled "Lyric of the Day:"

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    (Playing major catch-up:)

    1. "Crashed my car, I was 17
    My mother in the seat riding next to me
    The things I've learned from a broken mirror
    How a face can change when a heart knows fear" -"Cecilia and the Satellite" by Andrew McMahon (in the Wilderness)
    2. "'Come on in, boy,' said the skeletons sitting by her closet door
    Dirty secrets, empty memories, and broken hearts across the floor
    I was knocked out, heels over head
    So you dragged me by my feet to a ghost town, where you buried me
    No wonder no one heard my screams" -"The Haunting" by Set It Off
    3. "I'm a puppet on a string
    Tracy Island, time-traveling
    Diamond cutter shaped heartaches
    Come to find you four in some velvet morning
    Years too late
    She's a silver lining lone ranger riding
    Through an open space
    In my mind when she's not right there beside me" -"R U Mine?" by Arctic Monkeys
    4. "But why are we so incomplete?
    It's down to you and me,
    In this cold and empty street-
    Forgotten what we're living for." -"Dust & Gold" by Arrows to Athens
    5. "Marching through this world
    As the amber floats around his weary head
    Something's got to give
    'Cause every man has got to live" -"Tura' Lu" by The Bollox
    6. "It's hopeless, the end will come and wash it all away
    Forsaken, I live for those I lost along the way
    And I can't remember how it all began to break
    You suffer, I live to fight and die another day" -"Fade Away" by Breaking Benjamin
    7. "And he's 18 he couldn't wait to move out
    His parents wonder what all the rush is about
    They never bothered with his dreams
    Only thinking of theirs
    Wonders why he doesn't call and why he doesn't care" -"Wasted" by Cartel
    8. "Ain't going back to Barton Hollow
    Devil gonna follow me e'er I go
    Won't do me no good washing in the river
    Can't no preacher man save my soul" -"Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars
    9. "Leave me out with the waste
    This is not what I do
    It's the wrong kind of place
    To be thinking of you
    It's the wrong time
    For somebody new
    It's a small crime
    And I've got no excuse" -"9 Crimes" by Damien Rice
    10. "My friend makes rings, she swirls and sings
    She's a mystic in the sense that she's still mystified by things
    But scared to as, how can nothing seem to last?
    'Cause like a cancer in your body, it all just goes too fast" -"This Too Shall Pass" by Danny Schmidt
    11. "Under the arches of moonlight and sky
    Suddenly easy to contemplate why, why
    Why live a life
    That's painted with pity and sadness and strife
    Why dream a dream
    That's tainted with trouble and less than it seems
    Why bother bothering
    Just for a poem or another sad song to sing" -"The Art of Suicide" by Emilie Autumn
    12. "Well, I don't look like they do
    And I don't love like they do
    But I don't hate like they do" -"Cold (But I'm Still Here)" by Evans Blue
    13. "Where are the people that accused me?
    The ones who beat me down and bruised me
    They hide just out of sight
    Can't face me in the light
    They'll return but I'll be stronger" -"Unbreakable" by Fireflight
    14. "I've been seeing all, I've been seeing your soul
    Give me things that I've wanted to know
    Tell me things that you've done
    I've been feeling old, I've been feeling cold
    You're the heat that I know
    Listen, you are my sun" -"Drop the Game" by Flume & Chet Faker