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hi guys I'm Kaitie as you might already know. I'm a directioner and proud. Please read fravouite like comment and become a fan if me and my fanfics.

  • Kaitie_gray
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    When are going to update? I really want to know what happens to the boys xx
    Kidnapped for Power
    Kidnapped for Powe...
    One Direction are secretly from the planet Hyperlias but Zayn is the only one that knows that. These 5 boys are a part of a very big prophecy. The planet of Hyperlias is in great danger and it is up to...
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    Update if you're stuck for ideas you should write about how Harry and Ella are fixated on being the baddest twin and then they get kidnapped or something bad happens so they have to help each other just a thought but please update xx
    I'm the Bad one now. *Squeal for the 'Bad Boy's Sister'*
    I'm the Bad one...
    *This is a Squeal. Read 'The Bad Boy's Sister' before you read this* Names Ella. NOT Elly. Elly was the old preppy me. Now I'm Ella and only Ella. Last year my life was controlled by Harry and him being...
    4 years ago
    I've just been really busy lately and I haven't gotten the time, but I will publish a chapter rn ! thank you for the great idea btw (:
  • Kaitie_gray
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    My movellas account has stopped working sadly and won't let me publish anymore which is sad so I decided I will continue all my stories on Wattpad starting with 'life as a badass' it will be from the begging hope you guys will continue all your support you guys have been great thank you sorry for the wait.

    My Wattpad account is: @kaitiegray so please fan me for updates on
    'Life as a badass'
    'Good girl?'
    'Love or hate'

    Thank you guys
    Kaitie xxx
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    Title: Deja vu
    Author: Kaitiegray
    Subtitle: sometimes you've got to go back
    Celebs: Zoe sugg and Ashton irwin
    Mood: sad depressed
    Summary: Lucy has a month to go back in time and stop Ashton from committing suicide
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