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I've made my living as a nonfiction writer since 1985. My body of work includes television & film scripts, books, websites, articles, blogs and more. Today, I write about the power of creativity to transform life, people and the world. And I mentor people to create the lives they love from the lives they have today. My second non-fiction book—"The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life"—will be released this November.


www.wheelofcreativity.com | www.katherinerobertson.com

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    Kool, Gilray! Keep on pushing those boundaries. See you here again in a couple of weeks! Until then, live CREATIVE!
    Wonderful to hear from you, Scarlet! I love the phrases your thoughts and emotions have taken in their passage through you. Observation is as fruitful when focused within as without. The world inside you is as rich and multi-dimensional as the world around you. Enjoy the ride!
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    Treat your characters with respect. Give them choices. Allow them to surprise you. Act as if they have wills of their own, because they do. It's a much more exciting way of writing. And they will surprise you!
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