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My account is soon to be deleted probably. I will miss you all. I will let you know if I still am on here by september 21 2014. if i am soon to be deleted I will miss you all. good bye.
if you still want to stay in touch with me my instagram is BritishBoysroc

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    mumbled "HEY!!"

    so guys my account has not been deleted yet! so yaaaaaay im still here, for now. ill try to mumble every day so that you know im still here. love you all and everyone please go fan @[truly-madly-deeply-we-are] she is an amazing writer and I am a huge fan of her!
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    mumbled "I cant do it"

    so in my last mumble i said my other account had been reported and was no longer in use. well I have 3 accounts left including this one. now i am being told all my accounts should be reported when I havent said anything bad on my other accounts. they are trying to take away my life. movellas is the best thing that ever happend to me and now they want to take it away from me. its not fair. so if i dont mumble after september 21 I no longer have any accounts and I am dead or cutting. my other accounts are @[I_Eat_Food_] and @[katie.horan] so if u recive no mumbles from any of these accounts they have been deleted. i am saying this now because I have no doupt they will be deleted, I will miss you all and thank you for a great 1 year 1 month and 2 days.
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    mumbled "guys we need JUSTICE"

    hello guys so resently my other account @Online_Wonder was reported because I was spazzing at another user because she was attacking someone on here. now i cant write my books. please we need justice. im just a girl who loves to write and is protective of people. im not a hater. if that had been my only account i would be cutting or dead right now. please dont do this to me.
    look I regret saying what I said. and this is not to be rude what I am about to say... you wouldnt be able to find all my accounts because I had 4 now I have 3. I am completely sorry for what I said and I regret it all. and u know I can say that I would cut or kill myself if that had been my only account because movellas is my life. if you tried to take them all away from me i promise i would cut and possibly kill myself. if it wasnt for movellas i would have a terrible life. and Gambino, you sorta were attacking her. if you didnt want to see what she wrote then just dont read it. simple.
    ok and I belive movellas is also your life. thats why I didnt report you. thats why I dont report people almost EVER. cause some people will kill themselves over that sort of stuff.
    6 years ago
    Why the heck do you bring suicide into a Movellas fight? Don't say you'd be self-harming or dead if that deleted acc was the only acc you had, that's full nonsense. There is no justice, because you cyberbullied my friend Alli, and those kind of things have circumstances. I bet you're not quite a hater, because you were defending the author of a story you like, but understand that I have been here since a long time, and seeing Movellas crumbling down because of obscene stories like '14 and pregnant' or 'Sex Slave' or 'Kidnapped by 1D' and I'm absolutely not saying this is all Directioners' fault, because there's non-Directioners who write those stuff, but it gives bad credit to this website that was once awesome and we were all like one big family.
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