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Hi Everyone, my name is Katie. I love to write and am a massive directioner

Those five boys mean the world to me!

Feel free to check out my work and comment

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    Love this book already and I have only just started it:)
    Teach Me How To Dougie
    Teach Me How To...
    Ariana Edwards: Five foot four inches, blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless skin. The classic American beauty right? WRONG! In Justin's eyes she's more than just an American beauty. She's his little ballet...
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    mumbled "Updated Stories... Finally:)"

    Hi guys, so I know I haven't been on here in forever, and for that I'm so sorry! Anywhoo, I've updated everything has changed and would love it if you would vote and comment!

    New sotries coming soon

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    mumbled "New Story"

    Hi Guys, I know I haven't posted in a long time.

    Any whoo, I posted a new Story called Over again and would love you feed back on it

    Updates on the Zayn fan fiction coming soon!
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    mumbled "New chapter"

    A new chapter of my Zayn fan fiction is up! Please vote and comment:D I love to know what you like about the chapter and what you think should or will happen!

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    when i ran
    when i ran
    Macy was abused by her dad dave. one night she decided to run away. she ran and ran untill she was to tired and she fell asleep in a park. she woke up to five boys staring at her. were these boys going...
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