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Hey Guys I just wanted to tell you that I love you. And I will be updating so go check that out it will be very very important!

  • My Scary Reality

    mumbled "Oh My God"

    So guys i dont know if you guys were here when my user was lifesucks but those of you who were in my mentions that ive never replied to I love you!!
  • My Scary Reality

    mumbled "My schedule for June - August at the moment "

    June 20-22- Parents and sister are going to a baseball game and ill be home with my aunt and cousin and my mum will probably take her laptop so no updating.
    June 23- 24- My friends summer party. So no updating.
    July 17-19- My neighbor is taking me to Canada and my parents and sister are going to another baseball game so then I'm sleeping at my neighbors house on the 18th.
    July ?- Some time after that I am going camping so no updating Like I said my phone only reading on Movellas.
    August 2- My one direction concert :)))))
    August 11- My birthday:)
    August (some time) 13-21- My family vacation
    August 22- My 5 seconds of summer concert! :)
    School- Probably August 25,26,27, or 28:(((
    August 29- Liam Payne's birthday.
    -----Just an update saying when I probably wont be able to update-----
  • My Scary Reality

    mumbled "Hey guys!!"

    Hey guys well I just wanted to say I really don't know how many of you guys read what I say in these mumbles that I post but if you do pay attention then thanks. And I will update soon on my story "My secret crush on my best friend" Well also I lov elove loveeee you guys for my 877 reads even if I got 4 likes or favorites I still love you guys and want to thank you all very very much!! I Love You I feel like I don't say it enough!! Okay bye guys I really do Love you Good night or good morning or good afternoon or good evening depending on where you live. - Kylee
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