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  • kentuckygirl

    mumbled "I need help what should I do???"

    I went on a date last night and the guy just turned out to be a real jerk and so I told to get lost and he did. So after that I went to get some drinks with a few of my girls another guy started to talk to me I mean I he was hot but I don't what to do he gave me his number and now I'm lost and have no clue on what do to. Should I message him or tell him to scram.
    Katie Pharoah
    3 years ago
    Give it a shot and give him a call, he may turn out to not be a jerk :)
  • kentuckygirl
    Update plz!!!
    Just Me & YOU
    Just Me & YOU
    Ethan is a popular boy. He loves his life. But he finds out he has to move. How will his life be when he makes up a back story???
  • kentuckygirl
    Plz update!!!!
    Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Boy
    Every Good Girl...
    The Bad Boy and the Good Girl... Such a cliche. But it's true good girls sometimes fall for the bad boys.... Will I? What will my parent's think? Want to find out? Join me.
  • kentuckygirl
    Plz!!! Update
    Every day in the cafeteria, he'd throw a football to his friends, and never seemed to look in her direction. Every day in the cafeteria, he noticed her and hoped he'd find a reason to talk to her.
    2 years ago
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