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i write weird fanfics about louis mostly. @telephonelouis is my twitter

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    guys, bad news my laptops touchpad out of no where won't work, last time I used it it was fine but then I got back on 10 minutes later and BOOM it won't work, so I have to get guts and te my mom so she can take it to a shop. so I won't update for a while I might this weekend bc ill be at my dads and then my friends but I'm actually crying I have my phone left and I hate android so I love you guys
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    Struck (A Zayn Fanfiction, Book 1)
    Struck (A Zayn Fan...
    Every story begins differently, some extremely optimistic and "rainbows and flowers", others dark and twisted, with thoughts that sadden most. Mine isn't necessarily either of those, but at the same time...
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